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2018-11-19 16:32:23
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Last strike  04:27:06   Distance: 1733 km   Direction: 207°   Deviation: 4 km   Strength: 0.00 kA  
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9278 Strikes
3999 (02:00 - 03:00) Max hour
607 Max trackers/strike
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36 Strikes
27 (01:00 - 02:00) Max hour
296 km Closest
2200 km Farest
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Blitzortung.org is a private network of lightning tracker stations. They catch the electromagnetic signals of strikes. Together with the timestamp the position of a strike can be calculated out of the signals (TOA - time of arrival method). You will find more information on the main site of the project: www.blitzortung.org.


Accuracy is quite good and is sometimes lower than 1 kilometer. This is equal to commercial strike detection companies.


You have to build your own receiver (costs about 200 Euro). With that, you can participate in the network and you will get access to all strike data.